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Who we are

Rekotek Ltd is a specialist technical company offering a complete solution to the neutralisation and removal of contaminants from electronic & electromechanical equipment.

Our professional approach, unique and effective restoration techniques will ensure that your business will be back on track with as minimal interruption as necessary.

With a wealth of experience working in Europe, Asia and North America on technical electronic and electromechanical equipment we are able to give the right solutions to our clients needs.

Rekotek Team

What we offer

Electronic equipment restoration

In order to successfully restore contaminated electronic equipment a good understanding of electronics is paramount.

All our electronic engineers have amassed many years experience working with electronics from such diverse equipment as, Lasers for nuclear fusion, radio stations, wind turbines, sophisticated lab equipment; IT equipment, CNC machines, control panels on navy attack ships, the list goes on.

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Electromechanical restoration

From printing presses, production lines, to wind turbines, the effects of fires, floods, toxic gases, explosions and other causes resulting in contamination to electromechanical equipment can be immediate and if not treated can result in major functionality issues.

Our response to our clients is immediate, a site attendance will be at the earliest given opportunity and a full in-depth report will be issued without delay and where necessary ...

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Wind turbine restoration

Rekotek are specialists in the restoration of Wind Turbines from contaminants, our technical team’s knowledge and understanding of turbines has been gained as a result of many years of successfully restoring wind turbines.

Our specialised restoration services include:

  • Full disassembly of base level cabinets
  • Internal tower sections
  • Platforms

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Data recovery

Rekotek offers data recovery service for damaged, corrupted and inaccessible hard disk drives, solid state drives, flash drives and other media types.

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Preventative maintenance

Our preventative maintenance measures are designed to preserve and restore equipment reliability. We provide a full report and recommendations on how effective maintenance can be performed.

Our services are particularly beneficial to industries which produce high levels of by- products as a result of manufacturing processes.

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